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Products & Services

Products & Services

We are obsessed with precision.  Our digital marketing tools are the most targeted, most efficient, and most effective on the market today.  Our digital video placement and display ad buying technology allows us to target your audience down to the household.  Not ZIP code. Not block.  Not range of IP addresses.  Household.  We use rifles, not shotguns.  Scalpels, not cleavers.

Household-Targeted Display Ads

When you have a list of targets for whom you know your message will be relevant, or when a list can be obtained through commercial data providers, Ring will reach all those targets’ devices.


Household-Targeted Video Placement

We can take your video assets and commercials and place them on a 1-to-1 targeted basis with the largest video inventory in the nation.  Grow your reach and hit targets relevant to you, and get those high-quality streaming TV and non-skippable pre-roll touches.

Retargeted Display and Video Ads

Once someone has visited your website, chances are they are more relevant to you than other members of your target universe. Stay in front of your website visitors with Ring’s retargeted display and video ads, and be top-of-mind to your targets.

Geo-Targeted Display and Video Ads

If your target audience gathered in one place at a specific time in the past, or if they will be converging on one spot in the future, get your ads in front of them while they are there, or after they have left. Whether the event, conference, or gathering took place 6 months ago, or is happening next week, we can be in front of your targets with your ultra-relevant content.

Search Engine Marketing

When people search for you online, you need to be found.  Control the narrative and appear in search results to your targeted, relevant audience when they are out looking for you. Paid search is a very affordable first step every business, campaign, or website should take in being found online.

Digital splash page services

Splash Page Services

Political campaigns, PACs, and marketing campaigns, all benefit from a campaign-specific landing page for the message driving the campaign. It’s easy to lose a prospect or a voter with a mismatched landing page to the content they are seeing in video placements, digital ad placements, or in their searches. Ring brings professional, top-tier web design to your campaign with the speed that is always needed and the affordability that is crucial to the success of any marketing or political campaign.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is one of the best ways to get in front of your people and activate them.  Whether you need to drive people to vote, or encourage them to finish their college application, we can help.  Photos, video, responses, links – we deliver your content in a TCPA-compliant, highly effective medium.

Creative Work

Ring’s designers can help with your digital display ad designs. Contact us to learn more about our design services

We’ll build a custom plan to meet your objectives

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