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Turbocharge Your Admissions with Ring’s Higher Ed Programs

Turbocharge Your Admissions with Ring’s Higher Ed Programs

Ring's Success Stories in Higher Ed

Ring has partnered across the country with institutions of higher education to boost their enrollment, retention, and involvement with alumni, and has developed proven methods to ensure your ad dollars go to work for you.  These are just a handful of examples of our work for public universities and private liberal arts colleges across the US.

Higher Education - Boosting Applications after COVID - 2021

After COVID severely damaged a small private midwestern university’s enrollment, they partnered with Ring to boost applications.  The client and Ring worked together to identify an audience of 12,890 households with high school students that may have been interested in applying to the university, and targeted digital display advertising to the devices within those homes.

The result: because we started with a list of households we believed would be interested in applying to the university, we were able to match that data back to application data (while complying with privacy standards of course) and find that Ring’s advertising led to 2,200 matches, after running ads for 75 days!

Converting Nursing School Inquiries into Students - 2020-2021

A college in the northeast wanted to move applicants through the pipeline (inquiry > application > enrollment > deposit) with a higher conversion rate.  By combining multiple digital display and video tactics and texting, Ring was able to raise the conversion rate from inquiry-to-application from 4.7% to 54.2%! These applicants went on to make deposits at almost twice the rate of applicants to whom no texting was sent.

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