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Case Studies

Case Studies

GOTV Strategy Turns Out First-Time Municipal Election Voters

A candidate running for city council in Texas needed to find more votes for his small-town council race, and his campaign thought he could expand his vote-getting potential by targeting faithful even-year election voters of the same political party, but who had never before voted in a municipal election.

Ring targeted 1,000 households (just over 1,600 voters) who had regularly voted in even-year general elections, but had never voted in a municipal election, and served them “GOTV” style display ads and one text message, encouraging them to vote in the mid-off-year municipal election.  Unbelievably, 200 voters from our target list turned out to vote in a municipal election for the very first time.

Turbo-Charging a Car Dealer's Return on Ad Spend

A northeastern Ohio car dealership was tired of seeing single-digit percentage returns on their ad buys and mail campaigns.  Once they paired their direct mail campaign with Ring’s household-targeted cookie-free digital display and video tactics, their returns skyrocketed, giving them the best March their dealership had ever seen.

Higher Education - Boosting Applications after COVID - 2021

After COVID severely damaged a small private midwestern university’s enrollment, they partnered with Ring to boost applications.  The client and Ring worked together to identify an audience of 12,890 households with high school students that may have been interested in applying to the university, and targeted digital display advertising to the devices within those homes.

The result: because we started with a list of households we believed would be interested in applying to the university, we were able to match that data back to application data (while complying with privacy standards of course) and find that Ring’s advertising led to 2,200 matches, after running ads for 75 days!

Converting Nursing School Inquiries into Students - 2020-2021

A college in the northeast wanted to move applicants through the pipeline (inquiry > application > enrollment > deposit) with a higher conversion rate.  By combining multiple digital display and video tactics and texting, Ring was able to raise the conversion rate from inquiry-to-application from 4.7% to 54.2%! These applicants went on to make deposits at almost twice the rate of applicants to whom no texting was sent.

Congressional Franked Case Study - November 2019

In November 2019, Ring conducted a voter ID survey before and after a 10-day flight of digital ads to constituents in a congressional districts. The digital ads were shown to have improved the Congressman’s favorability rating, job approval, and job approvals with respect to three issues Ring tested.

Congressional Franked Case Study - January 2018

Ring split a group of constituents in North Carolina in half, and advertised to one half, and not to the other. After the ads finished serving, Ring surveyed both groups, and compared the results.

Fitness Studio Case Study

In July 2017, Ring partnered with its client to promote its Chagrin Falls fitness studio, generating a 450% ROAS (return on ad spend).

Automotive Success Case Study

Over 90 days, Ring advertised to consumers who had purchased cars from the client’s dealership, but hadn’t returned for service in the last year.  Ring’s targeted approach reignited 44 cold relationships for our automotive clients over 90 days.

Case Studies from Ring Digital’s Work in 2017 Political Campaigns

From boosting turnout to changing voters minds, Ring Digital employed ground-breaking technology and experienced strategy in order to pull out several important election victories in 2017. Check out how our digital efforts made a real difference among targeted voters.

Michigan State House GOP Primary: Come-from-Behind Victory

In a 2016 Republican primary election for state representative in Michigan, Ring worked with a Michigan-based independent expenditure committee to promote the election of a candidate who was polling third of three candidates, behind a local celebrity, and another candidate. The committee didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so its only avenues of voter contact were Ring Digital’s display advertising and 4 automated phone calls.

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