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About Ring

About Ring

Never waste money reaching your target audiences.

We’re a firm who believes you should never waste money reaching your target audiences. We believe you should always know who your audience is. And we believe you should reach your audience when they feel most receptive to your message. We don’t use shotguns – we use rifles. No cleavers—just scalpels.

And while we believe these things, and strive to provide our clients with the very best technology, what gets us up in the morning is the relationships.  We love our clients, and love helping them grow and win. Our clients know our cell phone numbers and our ridiculous work hours (hint: there are none). In many cases (even in politics) we’ve been working with the same clients for years, because those initial projects have turned into lasting relationships, and even friendships. When you work with Ring, you are not simply employing a vendor, you’re calling an ally to your side.

The Team

Ring’s team members have over 100 years of strategic, political communications, and marketing experience.  They’ve worked on national political campaigns, for media conglomerates, for the White House, and for public, billion-dollar consumer product companies.


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